Digital Transformation

Applied technology for business generation

We are in a new era, a technological era that is committed to a more interconnected, flexible and assertive digital world. This lead you to generate changes, to adapt and to constantly build. How to do it? Where to go? Easy! You have to get off the traditional path and turn towards digital transformation.
In recent years, Digital Transformation has risen to the top of the agenda of virtually all large corporations. The importance of the topic is indisputable, and massive efforts are being made to create strategic and organizational capabilities that will allow companies to successfully compete in the digital game.

Digital transformation is a change in the structure of your business or organization that will help you obtain greater growth and profitability by using new technologies in your favor.


Open a world of possibilities

Applying digital transformation as a fundamental part of your project brings with it experiences and more precise data that will help you create better solutions.


Improve Citizen Engagement and User Experience
Citizen-government or customer-supplier dialogue is a key component that will ensure the right issues are addressed. Improving services and expertise will be critical to the success of these projects.


Optimize processes and lower costs
Cost savings can be identified at three levels: governments, citizens and businesses. Municipal governments can save costs related to services and infrastructure they manage and operate.


Increase your income
Cities could increase revenues through further economic development, as well as see a return through data monetization (a nascent but emerging area).


More than technology, they are comprehensive applications

Our solutions consider technological elements, services, financing and monetization, framed within IoT processes that enable digital transformation with the clear objective of obtaining:

Results that positively impact the user experience.

Improvements in the perception of the quality of services.

Qualitative and quantitative indicators that generate improvements.

SMART Solutions

Be an agent of change with CiberCity

We want your project to be part of this digital revolution, focused on our three pillars of action.


Identify areas of greatest benefit for the implementation of Digital Transformation projects through the use of IoT technology.


Alignment with the Strategic Plans/Vision of the cities, creating proposals that generate value in a balanced combination.


Accompaniment in the processes of adopting new technologies.

Layered Architecture

Our work is developed step by step, through different stages that configure the solutions according to the requirements of your project or organization.


Those who personally and professionally benefit from optimization and data analysis.


They take data from devices, convert it into patterns of various configurations, and perform the tasks for automate and provide information.


They manage the protocols, limitations and scopes of each device to allow interaction.


Required topology of access, distribution, core, storage and security.


Set of data packet transmission standards 6LowPan, LoraWan, WiSun, ZigBee, 5G.


Devices that collect data from the environment: humidity, temperature, position and movement.


From start to finish we create value to drive your growth.

We keep moving applying the latest in innovation.
Support in the correct functionality of our solutions.
Control and management of the resources applied in your project.
We create solutions adapted to your objectives, generating better results.
We invest in your project for its implementation.
We advise to offer you the most effective solution.

Use Cases


Manage and maintain LED luminaires safely and reliably. An easy-to-use system that reduces maintenance costs, energy costs and customer complaints.


Smart metering, monitoring and management systems for electricity, natural gas and water.


Parking detection system on public roads through video captured by the network of cameras available in a car park.


The IoT solution is based on smart devices (sensors) that are installed in waste containers. It adapts to the inhabitants, offering them a welcoming, clean and attractive environment.


Monitoring and analysis of environmental parameters for agricultural operations and livestock production farms, which contribute to improving productivity and optimizing resources. Wireless sensors connected to the cloud, to know their status in real time from an electronic device.

Pollution and Environmental Control

Strategically located sensors to determine the areas where pollution and contamination indicators are highest and thus determine actions and restrictions correctly.


Set of elements that allow the dissemination of knowledge either in a Streaming format or interactively to educate users in different skills and knowledge.


Comprehensive automation to improve the safety, usability and accessibility of the building, making life easier for the individuals who "inhabit" it while reducing costs and improving sustainability.

Digital Signage

Outdoor digital displays that power wireless communications and are more responsive to IoT data. They are multipurpose touchpoints that transform the way we relate and communicate within our communities.


Hospital communication solutions, intercommunication, security, control and automation for Hospital Communication Management between Patient, Healthcare Personnel and Hospital.

Safety and Security

Artificial Intelligence applied to security that allows generating systems with high levels of precision and low rates of false alarms, even in difficult situations. It brings together a number of different video, sound and odor analysis technologies.

Mobility and Transportation

Elements for both monitoring and control of movement and vehicular flow both within the city and in inter-urban and regional accesses.

Ports and Airports

It covers all the technological elements that allow managing and controlling the access of both people and goods to the territories.

Why CiberCity?

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We have offices in North, Central and South America, with professionals throughout the region.

Our multinational capacity allows us to provide services to clients with a presence in one or more countries.

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